An order of service booklet for a wedding created by Orchid Memories.

Understanding the Timeline: How Long Do Order of Services Take to Print?

When planning an event, whether it’s a wedding, funeral, or a corporate gathering, a crucial aspect that demands careful consideration is the order of service. This document delineates the sequence of events and functions as a guide for your guests. Therefore, it is imperative to guarantee that your order of service printing is carried out professionally and promptly. However, one might wonder about the actual duration of this process. In this blog post, we will explore the timeline associated with printing an order of service.

Understanding the Order of Service Printing Process

The initial step in gauging the duration of order of service printing involves familiarizing yourself with the process. This begins with the design phase of your order of service. Depending on whether you possess a pre-existing design or require one crafted from scratch, this stage can span from a few hours to several days.

Once your design is ready and approved, the subsequent step involves the actual printing process. The time required here is contingent on the quantity of copies needed and the intricacy of your design. For example, if special finishes like embossing or foil stamping are necessary, this could extend the printing timeline.

Typically, digital printing companies can produce approximately 1000-2000 copies per day. Therefore, if you need 500 copies of your order of service printed, it should ideally take around two days once your design has been finalised.

Following the printing process, the delivery phase comes into play. The time for delivery depends on factors such as your location, the delivery method chosen, and the efficiency of the printing company’s logistics. Typically, standard delivery within the UK may take an additional day or two, while express delivery options can expedite this process if needed.

In summary, considering the extended printing time and delivery, it’s advisable to plan for a total timeframe of around three to four days from the finalization of your design to the arrival of the printed order of service.

Proofing and Quality Control

Before proceeding with mass production, most printers will provide you with a proof copy for review. This step ensures that there are no errors in the final product and that everything looks exactly as expected.

The proofing stage usually takes about 24-48 hours as it involves not just printing but also careful examination by both parties – you and the printer – to ensure accuracy and quality. Any necessary corrections or adjustments are made at this stage, which could potentially add more time to the overall process.

Delivery Time

Another factor that contributes to the total time taken for order of service printing is the delivery. If you’re working with a local printer, you might be able to pick up your order as soon as it’s ready. However, if you’ve opted for an online printing service, you need to factor in shipping time.

Most online printers offer a range of delivery options from standard (5-7 business days) to express (1-2 business days). Therefore, depending on your chosen delivery method and location, this could add anywhere from one day to a week onto your timeline.

Factors That Can Speed Up or Slow Down Order of Service Printing

Several factors can influence how long it takes to print an order of service. These include:

1. The complexity of your design: As mentioned earlier, intricate designs or special finishes may require additional processing time.
2. The number of copies needed: Larger quantities will naturally take longer to print.
3. Your responsiveness: Prompt feedback during the proofing stage can help speed up the process.
4. The printer’s capacity: A smaller printing company may not have the same output speed as a larger one.


In conclusion, while there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to how long order of service printing takes, you can generally expect it to take anywhere from a few days to over a week once you factor in design time, proofing and adjustments, printing, and delivery. To ensure that your order is ready in time for your event, it’s best to start planning well in advance and allow for any potential delays that might occur along the way.

Remember that quality should never be compromised for speed when it comes to something as important as an order of service. Choose a reputable printer who can deliver both timely and high-quality results for your peace of mind and satisfaction.